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Booking Your Flight:

Once your flight is booked, we work with you to find that special day to enjoy your ride. Here in the Indianapolis area, the most stable weather for passenger flights occurs from June through September. Clear days, light winds, and sunshine prevail during these months - ideal conditions for ballooning!
Whether your flight takes you over Morse Reservoir, Conner Prairie, White River or the attractive Indianapolis suburbs, you are sure to enjoy the view and the memories captured on film!



Setting up the equipment for flight presents many opportunities for your participation, as well as photo-ops. Family and friends are welcome to lend a hand to see what it is like to crew for a balloon team, while adults and kids alike enjoy learning about how the system works and what materials are used in the balloon construction. Generally it takes about 20 minutes to set the equipment up and prepare for launch.




 Floating like a cloud on the wind currents, you hear no loud motor, experience no turbulence, feel no wind - there is only occasional burner noise as you set off into the skies.
“Where will we land?” is a familiar question, but as your flight continues you realize it is not about the destination, it’s all about the journey! Relax, and enjoy.
Our friendly crew will be waiting to welcome you back to Earth at flight’s end. Once packed up, we will all return to our starting point - knowing we’ve shared a special occasion together!

Charter a flight to fit your taste...

Book one to four passengers for a group flight

Book one to four passengers for a group flight

"Share the Fun" Group Flights

Four passengers and the pilot lift off in our beautiful 140,000 cubic foot rainbow balloon for an approximately one hour flight. Passengers and family are invited to assist with the inflation if you choose, or just stand back and watch our team ready the balloon for flight while you take photos! This is our most popular option, allowing you to book anywhere from one to four passengers.

Book a private charter for two!

Book a private charter for two!

Exclusive Private Flights

If you are celebrating a romantic occasion, or simply prefer an exclusive, private adventure by air, book a flight to carry you and one or two other passengers. Only the crew and your private party will be in the basket for the flight, creating a special atmosphere that is ideal for wedding proposals, anniversaries, or special moments.

For More Information...

Contact us by phone at 317-844-3718 or use the contact form on this site to inquire about current pricing and availability.

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