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We offer a range of flight choices starting as low as $195 per passenger - each adventure is designed to maximize your enjoyment!

“Share the Fun” Flights:

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Four Passengers and the Pilot lift off in our beautiful 140,000 cubic foot rainbow balloon for an approximately one hour flight. Passengers and family are invited to assist with the inflation if you choose, or just stand back and watch our team ready the balloon for flight while you take photos! This is our most popular option, allowing you to book anywhere from one to four passengers.

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Fun Flight Pricing:

Four Passengers: $195 each Two Passengers: $210 each

Three Passengers: $205 each One Passenger: $225 each

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the Earth with your eyes skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

~Leonardo da Vinci

Exclusive Private Charter Flights:

If you are celebrating a romantic occasion, or simply prefer an exclusive, private adventure by air, book our 105,000 cubic foot balloon to carry you and one or two other passengers. Only the Pilot and your private party will be in the basket for the flight, creating a special atmosphere that is ideal for wedding proposals, anniversaries, or special moments.

Two Passenger Private Charter:

Weekday Sunset Flights: $500

Weekend Sunset Flights: $550

Three Passenger Private Charter:

Weekday Sunset Flights: $750

Weekend Sunset Flights: $825

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Please Note: Prices are subject to change.

Weekday flights are Monday - Thursday, Weekend flights are Friday - Sunday.

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